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We are a holistic experience travel platform

Welcome! We are online travel platform that wants to go one step further and heal both you and our planet. Blue-Footed Travel was created for mindful travelers that want to reconnect with nature and themselves through the unique biodiversity of Ecuador. We are here to help you rethink about tourism as an actual form of rest and energy restoration for your body. 



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Our modern and fast-moving lifestyles have deprived us from many of natures' benefits. Besides enhancing happiness, positive emotion and kindness, being exposed to nature reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Scientists says that while in nature we are less likely to be anxious and fearful; we are more open to other people and to a creative pattern of thought. Research demonstrates that nature has an impact with the human brain. Being in nature activates certain circuits in the brain associated with dopamine release, that give us a sense of purpose, joy and energy to pursue our goals.  

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