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Be impressed by the Avenue of Volcanoes, the best preserved Historic Center in the world and the roses that have conquered the entire world.

Did you know that the closest summit to the sun is in the Ecuadorian Andes? Chimborazo with its 6,384 km from the center of the earth surpasses even Mount Everest.

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Live the Ecuadorian Andes experience

Sierra Serenity Hikes

Hacienda Zuleta

Enjoy the mountain range full of green valleys and majestic mountains, heritage cities and exquisite gastronomy.


This vast region cut from fire and ice inspires the imagination and offers a remarkable journey deep into the myth and beauty of the Andes.



“inspired at the top of the world”,

connect with the harmony that only the Ecuadorian Andes can give you

Are you readyto conectwith thesoul ofnature?

Enjoy the fresh air and greenery of the landscape that contains the history of indigenous communities and the colonial haciendas.

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