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Nature's Tapestry

Exploring the Galapagos Wonders

5 days - 4 nights

From USD$ 1250 per person

Day 1: transfer in and highlands (santa cruz island)

Day 2: pinzón or santa fe (livential fishing) (snorkeling + fishing demonstration + beach)

Day 3: tortuga bay beach- charles darwin station

Day 4: day tour by yacht to one of the following destinations:*

  • South Plaza Island

  • Santa Fe Island

  • Bartholomew Island

  • North Seymour Island

*** Subject to availability

Day 5: Transfer out

Tour Highlights

Lava tunnels, wild turtles, tortoises breeding center, snorkeling, sea lions colonies, penguins, endemic land iguana, Nazca boobies, frigatebirds, Blue-footed Boobies, colorful fish. Hiking - snorkeling  - panga ride

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